Stingray XR-III Hydrofoil Stabilizer


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The StingRay XRIII is the no-drill attachment pioneer in the hydrofoil industry. Along with providing all of the StingRay Classic performance benefits, the XRIII also provides the fastest hole shot in the industry! The unique design of this hydrofoil harnesses the prop-wash and redirects it into a powerful, thrust-enhancing cone.

The XRIII improves top speed and gives boats greater fuel efficiency too! The enhanced styling of this hydrofoil projects a sporty and professional look for boaters wanting to improve performance without sacrificing value. In fact, a StingRay XRIII Hydrofoil adds value because it gets the boat on plane 50% faster, reduces bow rise, eliminates chinewalking, stops porpoising, wipes out cavitation, and delivers true stabilization! The XRIII also aids in pulling water skiers through improved boat performance and the resulting smoother wake.

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