Marine Safety Equipment

Marine safety equipment for boating and marine environments.


What is marine and boat safety equipment?

Marine and boat safety equipment are tools and devices that are utilized to ensure safety and protection for passengers onboard. Many people know how much fun and adventure can be had on boats, but it can also be dangerous if you aren’t prepared with the right equipment.

What safety equipment should be on boats?

If you’re setting off on a sailing adventure, marine and boating safety equipment should be one of the top priorities on your checklist. 

To prepare yourself for the trip, here are some essential boat safety equipment to bring aboard:

  • Strobe lights: One of the best types of safety equipment you can bring on your boat is a strobe light. They are easy to bring along, compact, and highly functional, especially in low-light conditions. Professionals use them as a signaling device for foggy locations and they are also handy for emergency cases where-in you’ll need immediate rescue.
  • Smoke signal lit: Another type of boat safety equipment that is crucial and often overlooked for emergencies is a smoke signal kit. These signaling devices for boats work as a call for an emergency or medical situation.
  • Safety throw bag: In rare occurrences, a passenger may fall out of the boat and into the water. This is where a safety throw bag comes in handy as a piece of strategic rescue equipment. 
  • Safety ladder: Get in and out of the water easily using a boat safety ladder. It’s compact, foldable, and designed to improve safety on board the vessel.
  • Man overboard system: As marine technology develops, so is the safety equipment for onboard passengers. The MOB system is a silicon wristband that signals when someone has left the boat to keep everyone safe onboard at all times.

Mandatory Boat Safety Equipment Canada

Here at Poco Marine, we deeply care about you and your family’s safety whenever you’re immersing in the waters for your next boat adventure. Staying prepared with the right marine safety equipment will help ease of any worries and let you enjoy the experience and be present.

That said, we take pride in delivering some of the highest-quality gadgets, equipment, and safety tools that everyone who steps onto a boat should carry. Conveniently browse our selections of safety equipment for boats here at Poco Marine Canada, and let the marine adventure begin!

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