Portable Coolers

Whether you’re taking lunch to work, going on a boat trip, or getting ready for a big tailgate party, Pelican coolers offer the size, shape, and features you need. Keep food fresh, delicious, and easy to grab and go with these great coolers. Order from Poco Marine and get them shipped right to your door.

Take your Pelican coolers with you everywhere to keep food fresh and readily at hand. You’ll just love them for boatgating. Enjoy yourself with a full Pelican cooler as you boatgate on any of the fun lakes in British Columbia or wherever you like. Cheer for your team and party on your boat with Pelican portable coolers. A boat party is as easy as filling your ice cooler and hitting the road.



Use Cases and Benefits

The great thing about our portable ice chests is their versatility. You can take them anywhere. Our portable coolers keep food at the perfect temperature and ensure it stays delicious, just like you packed it.

Enjoy your Pelican cooler box on any of these and more fun adventures:

Camping, Hiking, and Fishing Trips: Being out in the middle of nowhere is fun, but can be challenging, too. It’s reassuring to have your essentials easily accessible in your cooler box. Grab a beverage, a sandwich, and snacks, and keep all your grilling fixings ready in your Pelican insulated ice chest cooler.

Picnics and Beach Trips: Picnics are even better when you grill, and your Pelican food cooler is outfitted with racks to keep all your grilling foods organized until you’re ready to fire up the grill. Plus, you’ll have plenty of room for all your salads and sides, too.

Fun Events and Tailgating: There’s nothing better than attending a concert, football game, baseball game or other event and tailgating! You can always have delicious grillable foods and your favorite beverages ready for a party with a Pelican ice cooler with wheels. These have the capacity you need to bring all the food required for a big tailgate fest.

Road Trips and Traveling: Stock up on your favorite snacks and drinks at a local discount store or online. Then carry these items in your cooler box on trips, versus stopping to buy them for much higher prices at stores along the way. After just a few trips, you could save a substantial amount of money. Enjoy the convenience of knowing you have your go-to beverages and munchies at hand, kept at the perfect temperature in your portable cooler.

Everyday Convenience: You can trust a Pelican food cooler for everyday convenience, too. Try one of our sling portable coolers to bring a few drinks with you on a walk. Or go with one of our bigger models so you always have some snacks and beverages in your car for a quick stop, or should you get stranded along the road.


Features of Portable Coolers

Check out all of these great Pelican portable ice cooler features:

Insulation Technology: Today’s coolers offer exceptional insulation. For example, our Pelican 45 QT Elite Wheeled Cooler features 2″ ultra-thick polyurethane insulation and a freezer grade gasket for extreme water tightness. These features give the cooler an outstanding capability to keep your food fresh.

Size and Capacity Options: We offer multiple sizes of insulated ice chest products, so no matter what you need to carry or where you’re going, there’s a Pelican cooler for the job. Go with a backpack cooler, coolers with carrying handles, our range of Elite coolers, or choose from our three ice cooler with wheels products. There’s no limit to your adventures with our cooler lineup.

Durability and Construction Materials: Pelican portable coolers offer top construction and either multi-year or lifetime guarantees (depending on the model). They’re made with tough, next-generation materials that stand up to any usage, year after year.

Portability and Carrying Options: Choose from insulated ice chest products with handles, backpack coolers, sling coolers, and wheeled coolers for any adventure you have planned.

Additional Features: You’ll receive these and many more features, depending on the model you select:

  • 2″ ultra-thick polyurethane insulation
  • 100% non-corrosive stainless steel hardware
  • Extra-wide press and pull latches
  • Non-skid/marking heavy-duty feet


Accessories for Portable Coolers

And if our great carry-along and wheeled ice cooler selection isn’t enough, Poco Marine also offers all the accessories you need, including:

  • Ice Packs and Ice Substitutes
  • Dry Rack Baskets
  • Seat Cushions and Comfort Add-ons

When you shop our site for coolers on sale and food cooler accessories, you can get everything you need, and it’s all top-quality!


Shop Poco Marine for the Best Portable Cooler Selection

If you’ve been looking for coolers on sale, Poco Marine offers great deals. We sell Pelican camping coolers in Canada because Pelican coolers offer terrific benefits, versatility and value. They keep your food and drinks in perfect condition and ready for any journey. You deserve the best. Get Pelican coolers from Poco Marine!


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