Ram Mounts

A RAM mount is a connecting accessory that boaters use to securely hold items such as GPS devices, depth finders, or other electronic gear that they want to keep steady and safe from shifting as the boat moves. If you want to buy RAM mount products, please read on for our additional answers to user questions.


How do RAM mounts work?

There are several types of RAM mounts made to accommodate various devices. You can buy RAM mount products that are made to hold specific items. RAM mounts offer different levels of adjustment. With choppy seas and abrupt turns, it’s important to keep devices like electronics and cameras steady and within easy reach.

Do RAM mounts have vibration dampening?

Yes. Through the use of a rubber ball in a socket, RAM mounts offer vibration dampening to protect the electronic devices they are connected to.

How to install RAM mounts 

Installing a RAM mount on your boat is an easy process:

  • Think about visibility, ease of access, and the clearance of boat controls as you choose the best place to mount it.
  • Using the RAM mount base as a template, mark and drill holes without touching wiring or components.
  • Install the base on the boat and attach the RAM ball.
  • Connect the adapter that works with your device, and move the mount to the viewing angle you want.
  • For a solid installation that can withstand the strains of boating, be sure to tighten all parts.

This simple process will prepare your RAM mount to securely hold your electronics while on the water.

How much weight will a RAM mount hold?

Depending on the size of the ball and socket, the RAM mount can hold anywhere from two to 25 pounds. When you buy RAM mount products, check the type to see if it is compatible with the item you wish to attach it to.

How do I stop my RAM mount from spinning?

You’ll find that there will be some spinning and movement with a RAM mount because they are made to be adjustable. If you find yours is moving more than you’d like, you can try these ideas to tighten it:

  • The RAM mount adjustment knob, or thumbscrew, is the main way to adjust the mount. Work with that at a few adjustment levels to find one that suits your needs.
  • Incorrect RAM mount ball sizes can cause spinning. Check if the ball size is the right one for your RAM mount.
  • The ball and socket can accumulate dirt and grime, which can cause your RAM mount to work incorrectly. Clean these surfaces with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly.
  • Sometimes the base and rubber ball need to be replaced. These can wear down over time, so consider replacing them to fix the spinning issue.

Where to buy RAM mounts

Are RAM mounts good for keeping your electronics conveniently at hand? Yes! You’ll want to get one or more to make your boating trips more enjoyable. You might be looking for RAM phone mount, RAM tablet mount, RAM iPad mini yoke mount, RAM mounts laptop, B size RAM mount, or RAM mount tablet products. We invite you to review our selection when you want to buy a RAM mount for all your electronics and device mounting needs.

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