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Manual and electric downriggers for trolling: Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities but can sometimes be so much complex and tricky at times. Simply because you’re going to have to consider a whole bunch of factors such as wind direction, depth, water temperature, current, and other aspects that change within minutes or even seconds. Fishing Rods are great, but they almost always won’t be enough for you to get a catch and are even more inadequate for professional use.


This explains why there have been many advancements in the realm of fishing regarding the device and equipment used. Downriggers are one of the most sophisticated devices designed to make fishers’ life easier. It is ideal for quickly and accurately catching various freshwater and saltwater fish.

What is a Downrigger?

Everyone who’s trying their luck on fishing knows how crucial having a downrigger is. It is simply a convenient catching device that is explicitly made to get your bait exactly where it’s supposed to be and have higher efficiency in luring fish. Specifically, it is a 6-foot rod that is mounted at the side of your boat that simply quickly gets a bite as you’ll be having a vantage point on choosing your desired positioning and depth in which you are having more success. This device allows you to deploy a vast range of fishing tackle with any depth range you wish to. There’s a reason why it is one of the essential devices used by fishermen as it continuously provides accuracy in their catches.

How Does a Downrigger Work?

There’s a reason why anglers find much success in using downriggers, it is because of the variety of functions and how easy it is to operate. Keeping up with fish movements and patterns requires sophisticated devices such as downriggers. Here’s a simple overview of how downriggers work.

Downrigger’s main function is to help you place your bait in varying depths, which depends on what you’re trying to catch. When you’re angling in deepwater, one of the critical factors of success is your control of the depth of your lure. The purpose of using a downrigger is to prevent your bait from drifting towards the surface and away from the fish. 

The line of your fishing rod and downrigger is connected, then the release clip detaches once a fish bites, which causes your fishing rod to swing forward as a signal for you to reel in your catch.

Why Should You Use Downriggers?

Keeping your line as steady as possible is something that is hard to control but is somewhat necessary to place your bait at exact zones with high catch rates. Every angler knows how much success you’ll be getting yourself once you start using and learn how to operate downriggers to maximize their potential. There are tons of other aspects that you should be focusing on to catch accurately, and having control of the depth of your line is going to be a massive help for you to focus on other factors. 

How to Use A Downrigger?

A downrigger is an advantage, mainly when you’re targetting fish in the shallow water or so-called “deepwater fishing”. However, understanding how to operate them properly is as important as having one. Here’s a quick and general idea of how to use a downrigger.

The first thing that you must remember to do before lowering them is to attach the trolling weight to your line with a line release. You should be able to access the rod holder and place them here before lowering the weight at your desired depth or range.

As you troll and lower down your lure, the flash weight attached will keep it secured and steady at the bottom. Once a fish bites into your lure, the line release will detach and signal you to grab your fishing rod from the holder and start reeling in.

Where to Buy Downriggers and Accessories?

Since you’re already familiar with how downriggers truly make wonders in fishing, you might be wondering where you could find the best devices as well as accessories online. Luckily, we’re not falling short of providing you with equipment from leading industry manufacturers such as Cannon and Scotty. Here at Poco Marine, you can conveniently browse our vast selection of downriggers, downriggers parts as well as other accessories needed for you to attach them to your boat securely. Increase your accuracy when it comes to fishing, especially in deep waters, using a downrigger. Go get yours online here at Poco Marine today!

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