Antifouling Paint

What is antifouling bottom paint?

Antifouling is a type of coating designed to be applied to the bottom of boats to prevent the growth of aquatic organisms on the surface. Marine fouling happens when underwater organisms like mussels stick to your boat’s haul. Antifouling bottom paint effectively functions as a shield, containing specific chemicals that deter fouling organisms.


Do all boats need antifouling? Why is antifouling paint important?

If your boat is exposed to the water for long periods, keeping the bottom of the hull protected with antifouling is crucial, especially if you’re taking your boat in shallow waters, as fouling organisms are abundant in those areas due to the availability of nutrients. 

Preventing the growth of algae, mollusks, and other sea life under your boat is necessary if you want to preserve its performance. Marine fouling can reduce your boat’s speed and maneuverability, increase weight and even cause maintenance issues if not contained. That said, antifouling paint is a cost-effective and straightforward solution that keeps your boat well-maintained and protected from marine fouling.

How often do you antifoul a boat?

Antifouling treatment is an excellent practice to keep your boats working optimally. While the frequency of antifouling application varies based on different factors, the general rule of thumb is every six to 15 months. It’s also advisable to consider evaluating your boat’s condition every once in a while to gauge the ideal antifouling application frequency that is best for your boat.

How long does antifoul last?

The average lifespan for antifouling is around ten to 12 months. This timeframe varies depending on the quality of the antifouling paint. It’s best to opt for high-quality antifouling from trusted distributors to avoid using low-grade coatings.

Do boats in freshwater need bottom paint?

Bottom paint prevents the accumulation of marine organisms like algae, weeds, mussels, and other sea life that could compromise your boat’s performance. Therefore, applying antifouling paint periodically is highly recommended for freshwater boats. 

Types of antifouling paint

There are various types of antifouling paint, however, some are better for certain applications. The most popular types are hard antifouling paint, self-polishing antifouling, copper antifouling, and ablative antifouling paint. The type of boat you own will determine which coating works best. That said, for best results, we recommend consulting with a marine professional who can help you to make a well-informed decision.

Best Bottom Paint

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