Trap Pullers

Catching crabs or shrimps has never been easier due to the excellent advancement of technology in the marine lifestyle. If you’re someone who catches crabs or fish for a living or enjoys the activity, you’re probably aware of how back-bending it is to haul up those heavy traps back to the surface.


What is Trap Puller?

Trap Puller or Shrimp Pot Puller is equipment that seems to be solving all the fishing problems out there and making things a lot easier than ever before. It is a pulley system within which you can haul up and down quite easily with tons of weight capacity, which means less effort for more catch.

Why Should You Use Pot Pullers?

Not everyone needs the equipment, especially if you don’t do catches that often. However, if you fish or catch crabs for a living, investing in your Pot Pullers is a no-brainer. It makes your life a lot easier, and it’s also a lot safer and more efficient than manually hauling your heavy traps up and down the water.

Not only is does the activity is physically demanding, but it could also cause some repercussions for you or your worker’s health over time, so it might be best to use the available technology to your advantage.

Advantages of Using Pot Pullers?

Before you invest in something, it’s wise to know the advantages it entails for you to decide whether it’s beneficial or not. In this case, here are some of the benefits of using Pot Pullers.

Save Some Space On Your Boat

Everyone in the marine business is aware o how lines take a ton of floor space in a boat. This problem is instantly solved with pot pullers’ structural mechanism, which serves as a pulley system and efficient storage for longboat lines.

Seamless Pulling System

Pot Pullers could pull 140 ft per minute and has 110 lb or more shrimp or crab trap capacity. This seamless pulling system is easy to track and gets the job done on time instead of doing things manually.

Fairly Easy to Operate

Most pot pullers have a similar mechanism, so you won’t have to worry about reading complicated manuals as they have easy-to-follow operating instructions.

Tons of Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is another massive factor in investing in a Pot Puller System. Having the capacity to catch more crabs or shrimps while doing it a lot faster is why everybody seems to be looking to invest in purchasing the machine.

A Lot Safer and Efficient

No question, using a heavy-duty machine explicitly made for hauling boat lines to fish is safer and more efficient than doing things manually. Prioritizing safety is a must at all times, and this is why manufacturers are continuously developing machines like Trap Pullers.

How to Choose the Right Pot Puller for You?

There is no one product for everyone. Sure enough, different people have differences in their preferences when choosing what they’ll invest in. This guide will help you out with some parameters and factors to look out for in choosing your Pot Puller amongst all the available choices.

Hauling Speed

Hauling speed might not be a big deal if you’re using the Trap Pullers mainly for recreational purposes only. However, the value of pulling speed is a lot higher for business purposes, so you might have to look for Pot Pullers with a hauling speed of 140ft per minute or faster to take advantage of the technology and consistently have an efficient catching trip.

Weight of the Trap Puller

Mounting a fairly heavy trap puller might not be ideal for everyone. If you’re looking to buy your own Pot Puller, make sure that you’re not choosing a too heavy machine for the boat you’ll be using.

Weight Capacity

Talk about efficiency; weight capacity means the number of catches the pulley system can bare all at once. If you are expecting to catch 100lbs or more at once, you might have to check some heavy-duty trap puller selections out there to choose from.


Last but not least, understanding the amount you are willing to invest is a thing you should also consider when trying to choose the best one for you. Pot Pullers are typically priced at $500-$1000 or more depending on the features and build quality of the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Pot Pullers.

Should You Use Electric or Manual Crab Pot Puller?

The answer to this question solely depends on what you’re trying to achieve or intend to use it for. Using a manual crab pot puller is a massive help for recreational fishing. However, if lifting speed and weight capacity are crucial for you, we recommend you go for an Electric Pot Puller.

How Long Would They Last?

Suppose you’ll consistently use it and take regular maintenance for your Pot Puller System; it could last for 5-10 years or even more. If you notice some deterioration in the Hauling System’s performance over time, you might want to get it checked immediately to preserve and keep it somewhat maintained. Nevertheless, most Trap Pullers nowadays are explicitly made to survive the wear and tear of fishing trips, so you won’t have to worry too much as long as you use it correctly, according to its safety manual.

Where to Buy Trap Pullers?

Have you decided to buy your own Trap Puller but can’t seem to find a reliable source? You are exactly in the right place as Poco Marine’s selection indeed offers a lot of high-quality haulers at affordable prices. Offering Trap Pullers with superior pulling power and accommodating most line sizes with powered coated aluminum finish, you’ll have excellent finds here at Poco Marine in no time! You’ll also be able to find some essential accessories that will go along with your Electric Powered Pot Haulers, such as Prawn Line, Hauler Carrying Case, and more! Visit us today and check out some of our affordable deals for you!


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