Stingray Classic JR-XR-III Hydrofoil Stabilizer For 25-75 HP


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StingRay’s XRIII was the first NO-Drill hydrofoil model in the industry. The StingRay XRIII was designed to utilize the torque tab or sacrificial anode to secure the hydrofoil to the engine without the need for drilling any holes. The StingRay XRIII provides the greatest lift of any hydrofoil in the industry and is ideal for boaters pulling wakeboarders, tubers, and skiers. The down-curving wings of the XRIII pack water tightly around the cavitation plate, making it an ideal hydrofoil for pontoons that like to carve out turns without throttling down. Additionally, the XRIII’s in-mold graphics decorate the entire surface of the hydrofoil with vibrant red, silver, and carbon fiber patterns. With a StingRay XRIII installed, boaters will experience increased performance, monetary savings, and most importantly: a safer ride!

  • Gets boats on plane quicker

  • Keeps boats on plane at lower speeds

  • Improves holeshots

  • Maximizes stabilization

  • Saves fuel

  • Promotes safety by increasing visibility at lower speeds

  • Reduces chinewalking, porpoising, cavitation, and ventilation

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