Stingray Starfire Hydrofoil Stabilizer


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StingRay’s StarFire was the hydrofoil model that pioneered the use of set screws to accomplish StingRay’s patented “NO-Drill” installation method. Additionally, it was the world’s first hydrofoil model to feature “NO-Drill / Optional-Drill” installation. The StingRay StarFire was intentionally engineered to maximize top-end speed by inverting its trailing edge to reduce drag and extending its wing tips to enhance stabilization while on plane. Some competitor hydrofoil models actually feature the reverse design (a bowed-out trailing edge coupled with shortened wing tips) which reduce stabilization and increase drag, lowering top-end speed. Additionally, the StarFire’s in-mold graphics feature a special StarFire sparkle that truly pops in the sunlight! With a StingRay StarFire installed, boaters will experience increased performance, monetary savings, and most importantly: a safer ride!

  • Gets boats on plane quicker

  • Keeps boats on plane at lower speeds

  • Improves holeshots

  • Maximizes stabilization

  • Saves fuel

  • Promotes safety by increasing visibility at lower speeds

  • Reduces chinewalking, porpoising, cavitation, and ventilation

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