StingRay SR-XPI-1 Hydrofoil Stabilizer


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The StingRay SR-XPI-1 Classic Hydrofoil was developed over 20 years ago from the most advanced computer engineering of its time. This bolt-on hydrofoil has proved extremely reliable and has become the number one selling marine accessory of all-time! With a StingRay Classic installed, boats get up on plane 50% faster, while bow rise is also reduced. Chinewalking, porpoising, and cavitation are no longer problems for boats with a StingRay Classic. For boaters wanting true stabilization, performance enhancement, and increased fuel efficiency from their hydrofoil, a StingRay Classic Hydrofoil will satisfy and surpass expectations!

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Weight2.26 kg
Dimensions63.5 × 48.26 cm

Black, Grey, White