Sterling Power ProCharge Ultra Remote with 5 Metre Cable


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Remote Control for the Pro Charge Ultra (optional with charger) + 5m of cable
With the optional remote control many features can be operated from a distance and all important information can be read. The remote control can be used both as an installation or attached as a mounted unit.

Information from the remote control
Charging voltage (V) and charge current (A)
Charging stage and duration
Configured Battery Type
Temperature of the charger
Temperature of the battery
Error Messages



Input Voltage range 80 – 270V  40 – 70Hz
Power Factor at 230V  0.976
Efficiency 90.4%
Full load current (110 / 230V) 9.8 / 4.6 Amps
Total Harmonic Distortion 2.4% Voltage
Total Harmonic Distortion 2.4 % Current
Ripple noise (R.M.S.) 14mV
Ground Leakage 0.5mA