Mustang Survival 4-One SOLAS Life Jacket



The FIRST and ONLY lifejacket to have earned four regulatory approvals in one compact design. After several years of extensive design and testing, Mustang Survival is proud to announce the all new 4-ONE.Approved to USCG SOLAS, TC SOLAS, MED SOLAS and USCG Type I standards, the 4-ONE eases both the hassle and financial burden associated with compliance to a variety of vessel regulations.Available in two sizes to fit both adults and children, the design scores highly on compact storage, easy donning and in-water performance.

Please note: A Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is available upon written request for all users needing to prove compliance to MED carriage requirements. Please send DoC requests to [email protected] with details on the Product Lot #’s marked on each MV8040 Adult lifejacket for which a DoC is required. Please also include info on total count of lifejackets for each Lot # requested.

  • Approval: USCG Type I Lifejacket, USCG SOLAS, Marine Equipment Directive SOLAS, Transport Canada SOLAS
  • lnspected and tested to SOLAS in accordance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations, Transport Canada regulations, and M.E.D. regulations.
  • SOLAS grade reflective tape
  • Accessory tab with SOLAS approved whistle
  • Attachment point for personal light (light not included)
  • Buoyant buddy line
  • Lifting loop
  •  available in Adult ( MV8040) and child size (MV8035)
  • SOLAS life jacket lights suitable for this product are:
    • ACR Electronics HEMILIGHT2
    • ACR Electronics HEMILIGHT3
    • Electric fuel LDX AUTOMATIC
    • Electric fuel SLX AUTO/MANUAL

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 51 × 25 × 20 cm

Adult MV8040, Child MV8035

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