Camco CAM-750 Portable 120V AC/DC 75 Liter Refrigerator Dual Zone


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Revolutionize your adventure with portable, electric cooling. You can forget about packing ice or discovering soggy food in your cooler. These refrigerators let you stay out longer, doing exactly what you love most—whether out on a road trip, RVing, camping, overlanding, boating, or tailgating. Simply plug the cooler into a 120V AC / 12V DC outlet and set it between 4° F to 68° F for optimal chilling. The free mobile app wirelessly connects your smartphone or tablet to the unit. This lets you control temperatures, cooling modes and other settings without being tethered.

  • Dual Zone Cooling: Dual zone cooling with two internal compartments allows you to independently cool and freeze at the same time
  • Number of Modes: (2) modes include ECO and MAX cooling
  • LED Control Panel: Digital display is easy to read and adjust
  • Interior LED Lights: Allows you to see cooler contents at night
  • Battery Protection: 3-mode low voltage protection helps prevent dead car batteries or deep draws on dual batteries
  • Includes: (1) 7-foot A/C adapter and (1) 11-foot 12/24V cigarette lighter plug adapter