Blue Guard Oil / Fuel Sensor and Alarm


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The BG-Oil (Oil and Fuel Detector) senses the presence of oil and can be easily integrated into any vessel’s alarm system. Compartments on a vessel or even in a landside space are often in close proximity to tanks and machinery where oil and fuel leaks can potentially occur. Installing the BG-Oil will provide an early warning for spills in these environments. The BG-Oil is CE and ISO 8846 Marine Ignition Protection Certified, tested to ABYC-1500 standards. Patented technology.

Performance & Features

  • Oil and Fuel Detection
    Down to 1 mm (0.04 in)
  • Reliability
    Two integrated sensors — solid state with no moving parts or mechanical float switches that can easily be damaged
  • Integrated Bluetooth Connectivity
    Connects to the BGI Config App available on iOS and Android devices
  • CE & ISO 8846 Marine Ignition Protection Certified
    Tested to ABYC-1500 Standards

Modes of Operation
(Configurable through the BGI Config App)

  • Latch Alarm Mode
    Alarm stays ON when oil is detected, until manual reset or power cycling of device
  • Standard Alarm Mode
    Alarm turns ON when oil is detected
    Alarm turns OFF when oil is no longer detected


  • Alarm Output
    12 or 24 Vdc, 1 amp max
  • Operating Voltage
    12 or 24 Vdc
  • Operating Temperature Range
    Operational with Full Functionality
    32°F – 158°F / 0°C – 70°C
    -22°F – 185°F / -30°C – 85°C
  • Three Wire System
    Heavy-duty 14 gauge marine grade wires, 6 ft long


  • IP-68 Rated Durability
    Rugged, non-corrosive ABS plastic housing and mounting bracket
  • Compact Size
    Without Mounting Bracket (D x H) — 4.6 in x 2.0 in
    With Mounting Bracket (L x W x H) — 5.9 in x 4.6 in x 2.0 in


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 11 cm