Rule 25SA Fully Automatic 500 GPH Submersible Bilge Pump


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Submersible pump 12 volt DC with 750mm cable.

Fully automated bilge pump with computerized operation.

  • Connections: For 19mm (3/4″) bore hose.
  • Dimensions: 107mm high, 64mm x 74mm.
  • Current Draw: 1.6(amps)
  • Fuse Size: 4(amp)
  • Output: Up to 31 litres/minute (7 gallons/minute) at 12v, without check valve. Max. recommended discharge head 2m.
  • Fully automated bilge pump with computerised operation.
  • Tough plastic body with integral strainer.
  • Quick release strainer allows rapid cleaning.
  • Low amp draw conserves batteries.

Checks for water every 2 1/2 minutes (Runs for 1/2 second)

Consumes 0.20 amps per day

  • Built-in Thermal Cut-Off.
  • Check Valve included for Back Flow Prevention.
  • Vented body to prevent air locking.
  • Threaded port for easier installation and maintenance.
  • No Need for separate float switch, third wire for manual override.
  • Base not interchangeable with old range but can be fitted to existing screw holes.
  • Packaged Dimensions: L:18.00 x H:17.00 x W:9.00cm


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 cm

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