PropOne Underwater Light Coating 70ml


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High transparency foul release coating specifically designed for application to underwater
light lenses 

One pack, one coat. 

Bright, clean and simple.  

Transparent coating specifically designed for your underwater lights 

Minimal maintenance 

Simple application 

PropOne ULC is a an optically clear foul release coating designed for application to glass and polyamide underwater light lenses. It can also be coated onto surrounding brass and plastic/composite light fitting surroundings. 

The ULC is a non-biocidal, low surface energy coating which prevents organisms strongly adhering to the light lens. Any growth can be easily dislodged by cleaning with a soft sponge or wiping with a gloved hand. 

As with all foul release coatings, when not in use, the surface will slowly become colonised by encrusting organisms. The removal of the fouling organisms is purely a mechanical effect. 

The ULC does not prevent marine growth by chemically poisoning the environment 

Coverage: 70mL tin is sufficient to coat roughly 0.7 sqm of underwater light lens area 

Contents: 70mL Underwater Light Coating 

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