Webasto 5001461A Airtop 5500 EVO Marine Heating System DIY Kit


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Extremely powerful, compact and quiet, this yacht heater ensures a comfortable climate even under the harshest conditions and satisfies the most demanding requirements.

The Webasto Air Top air heaters provide continuous heating power output via stepless modulation, ensuring constant cabin temperatures. The heater operates quietly and consumes very little electrical power and fuel. A robust composite casing protects the unit against high temperatures or salt. Moreover sealed control electronics and connectors withstand the marine environment.

High-performing, compact and quiet, the heaters are ideally suited for the most rigorous requirements. The Air Top Evo 3900 and 5500 can be upgraded with the new multi mode user interface to offer additional operation modes depending on individual heating requirements (ECO, power and ventilation).

Air Top Evo – the smart multi mode heaters

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