Uniden Atlantis 155 Handheld Floating Marine VHF Radio


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The Uniden Atlantis 155 continues Uniden’s tradition of providing tough and reliable handheld radios. It features all NOAA weather channels, as well as all USA, International and Canadian marine channels. It also meets JIS8 Submersible waterproof standards. The Atlantis’ brilliant backlit LCD display makes it easy to use, day or night for the power to go anywhere.

Product Overview

  • JIS8 Submersible Waterproof level + Designed to Float – So you can use it just about anywhere in any weather condition.
  • 1/2.5W (VHF) + Power Boost PTT Key
  • NOAA Weather Channels – Sounds a warning tone when a hazard alert is issued.
  • Triple Watch mode – Monitors Channels 16 and 9 simultaneously for a signal while at the same time allowing you to the selected channel.
  • Weather Alert Watch mode – Mutes the radio while it monitors a preset Weather channel. It sounds an alarm if there are broadcasts on that channel. Put the radio in the charger to keep power on.
  • Emergency 16/9 Channel Monitoring – It can scan one or both of these emergency channels regularly within normal scanning cycles.
  • 10HR Battery Life and Battery Save mode – Battery level indicator on screen and Automatically conserves power when not in use.
  • Large, bright backlit channel display, headset jack, DC adapter, belt clip and 4 AAA rechargeable Ni-MH batteries are included.



WX01 162.5500 162.550 MHz
WX02 162.4000 162.400 MHz
WX03 162.4750 162.475 MHz
WX04 162.4250 162.425 MHz
WX05 162.4500 162.450 MHz
WX06 162.5000 162.500 MHz
WX07 162.5250 162.525 MHz
WX08 161.6500 161.650 MHz
WX09 161.7750 161.775 MHz
WX10 163.2750 163.275 MHz


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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 cm