Trailer Valet JX 2K Center Manual Hand-Crank Jack

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Trailer Valet JX 2K Center Manual Hand-Crank Jack

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The Trailer Valet JX 2K Center is a manual hand-crank jack that has the versatility and capability to be powered by any 18-24V compact drill with the Trailer Valet Drill Attachment. It has a lift capacity of 2,000 lbs and its patented gear material composition delivers maximum efficiency while reducing heat retention. The JX 2K Center comes with weather-resistant shield protection, and is topped with our signature wrinkle black powder coating so that you can go further, longer. It’s time to MOVE FORWARD and replace the standard manual jack on your trailer! Power it up and save time, effort, and hassle and get to what you love most. 

Comes standard with foot plate and a Trailer Valet Drill Attachment, optional Wheel Attachment available. 


Retracted Height  23 in 
Extended Height  37 in 
Total Extension  14 in 
Trailer Lift  9.5 in to 23.5 in 
Outer Tube Diameter  57 mm 
Inner Tube Diameter  51 mm 
Clearance (bottom of bracket to top)  N/A 
Clearance (mount point to top of jack)  13.5 in  
Max Frame Size Fit  N/A 


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Weight 6.4 kg
Dimensions 58 × 20 × 20 cm