Smoothtalker Stealth X6 60dB Extreme Power Building Booster With High Gain Directional and Omni Tube Antenna


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Ideal for locations with poor outdoor & poor indoor network signal and locations that are GREATER than 10 km and up to 50 km from the nearest cellular tower and covers up to 5000 sq. ft. (Sq. ft will vary with outside signal strength) See below chart.

The Stealth X6 Cellular Signal Booster for Home & Building works with all major Canadian carriers including Bell, Rogers and TELUS and improves voice calls and increases data speed for all cellular devices. Ideal for remote locations with low signal, this booster is the highest-powered booster on the market.

Smoothtalker products are 5G ready and will work for the next decade and beyond to provide your home or building with long-lasting coverage.