Sea Dog Galvanized Open Base Cleat – Flat Head


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These Flat Head Open Base Cleats are for use on smaller recreational craft and recreational docks. Not recommended for large boats or for use in commercial applications. Constructed of corrosion resistant hot dipped galvanized cast iron. Installs with two FH thru-bolts (not included)

BulkABCDFastenerWeightStd. Pack
0401033-1/2″1″13/16″1-5/8″#8 FH.13/.2610 ea/10 pr
0401044″1-1/8″7/8″1-7/8″#10 FH.23/.4610 ea/10 pr
0401055″1-5/16″1-1/16″2-3/16″#12 FH.29/.5810 ea/10 pr
0401066″1-3/8″1-1/4″2-3/16″1/4″ FH.38/.7610 ea/10 pr
0401088″2-1/8″1-11/16″3-1/4″5/16″ FH1.4210 ea
04011010″2-1/2″2-3/8″4-1/16″3/8″ FH2.1410 ea
04011212″2-7/8″3-1/4″5-5/16″3/8″ FH3.095 ea
04011414″3-1/2″4-1/4″6-1/8″1/2″ FH5.185 ea


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