Savior Alert Emergency LED Safety Lights 3-Pack


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Savior Alert Emergency LED Safety Lights are an ideal addition to your safety equipment, When you really need to be seen, these lights, with a magnetic base or by using the hooks can be placed on a wide variety of surfaces on you vehicle, RV, boat or on the ground


  • 3 ALERT – Emergency LED Safety Lights
  • 3 Magnetic Mounts
  • 1 Carry Case (Holds 3 Lights)
  • 9 LIGHT MODES: Single Blink, Double Blink, Triple Blink, Alternating Blink, Rotating, S.O.S. (Distress), Solid:High, Solid:Low, and Flashlight.
  • MAGNETIC: Attach lights safely to vehicles without harming paint. Use included Magnetic Mounts to attach to non-magnetic surfaces!
  • INTEGRATED HOOK: Provides hands-free illumination wherever your work takes you.
  • WEATHERPROOF: IP65 Rated to withstand rain, wind, and dust environments without sacrificing performance.
  • NON-SLIP GRIP: Rubberized housing makes ALERT easy to hold on to and keeps ALERT from rolling when deployed.
  • BATTERY POWERED: 3 AAA Batteries power each ALERT Light. We recommend using lithium AAA Batteries for optimal performance.


  • SAFER OPTION: ALERT’s cool-touch LEDs are safe to operate and store. Road flares can reach dangerous temps of 2900 degrees F.
  • SAVE MONEY: To achieve the same burn time as ALERT, you would have to spend over $500 on traditional road flares!
  • SAVE TIME: ALERT deploys quick and requires zero clean up or disposal! Be seen quicker, and get home faster!
  • LONGER-LASTING: Traditional road flares burn out in 15-30 minutes. ALERT lasts over 40+ hours!
  • DURABILITY: ALERT won’t crush, roll, or blow in the wind.
  • VERSATILITY: The applications and deployment surfaces are infinite for ALERT!


  • AUTOMOTIVE: Great for signaling traffic during road-side emergencies (flat tire, engine trouble, etc.)
  • TRUCKING/FLEET: ALERT is D.O.T. Compliant and can be deployed when truck or fleet vehicles are pulled onto the side of the road.
  • MARINE: ALERT is splash-proof and battery-powered, making it the perfect insurance for boats in case of total power loss on the water.
  • CONSTRUCTION: The crush-resistant ALERT provides the required durability and necessary lighting for the toughest of jobs.
  • POWERSPORTS: Mark key trail checkpoints, or signal for help if you get stuck at night in the woods. ALERT’s compact case stores easily!
  • CAMPING: Light up your tent with ambient light, or use ALERT’s Flashlight Mode for trips to the bathroom at night! Plus, ALERT is rainproof!
  • POLICE: Stop wasting your budget on disposable pyrotechnic road flares! ALERT deploys quick, requires zero clean, and saves money.
  • HOUSEHOLD: Place ALERT on the end of your driveway to warn cars to slow down while children are playing.

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