Polyform LD-1 Low Drag Buoy

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In 1989, Polyform introduced the patented LD (low drag) Buoy to the commercial fishing industry. Hauling in a 700-lb crab pot in 30-ft seas is the most dangerous job in the world. That’s why we created a buoy designed for faster, safer pickups, easing strain on both crew and gear. Polyform’s LD Series is the best option for any application where a buoy is dragged or brought in and out of the water regularly. It is distinguished as the #1 buoy used in the commercial crabbing and fishing industries today, outselling all other dragged buoys combined.


  • Unique shape makes pot retrieval easier
  • LD reduces drag by as much as 80% compared to standard round buoys
  • Great choice for any offshore fishing application
  • Polyform’s vinyl valve system maintains buoy inflation
  • Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
  • Heavy-duty reinforced rope hold
  • Offered in seven brilliantly visible and fluorescent (F) colors
  • Excellent fore and aft rafting protection
Size: (Dia. x length)8.6 x 19 in. 21,9 x 48.3 cm11.5 x 24 in. 29,2 x 61 cm13.5 x 29 in. 34.3 x 73.7 cm15.5 x 37 in. 39.4 x 94 cm
Eye Diameter1.0 in. 2.5 cm1.0 in. 2.5 cm1.0 in. 2.5 cm1.0 in. 2.5 cm
Circumference27 in. 69 cm37.7 in. 95.8 cm44.9 in. 113 cm48.7 in. 123.6 cm
Volume [gallons/liters]3.5 gals. 13.0 l8.2 gals. 30.8 l14.5 gals. 54.9 l23.8 gals. 90 l
Pieces Per Carton1010105

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