Mustang MA7113 HR Auto/Manual 33G No Bayonet Re-Arm Kit F


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The Manual and Automatic Inflatable Re-arm Kit contains everything necessary to re-arm your Mustang Manual Inflatables after deployment. The automatic inflator bobbin on all automatic PFDs should be replaced on a regular basis.

Re-arm kit contains:

One 33 gram CO2 cylinder
One green inflator pin
One automatic inflator bobbin (use only with automatic inflatable PFDs only)
One re-arming instruction manual

Note: This re-arm kit replaces discontinued re-arm kits MA7170, MA7174, and MA7270.

  • For model numbers:
  • MD1166, MD3000, MD3001, MD3002, MD3003, MD3004, MD3017, MD3019, MD3020, MD3010, MD3015, MD3021, MD3025, MD3031, MD3032, and MD3091.

MA7113 User Manual

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Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm