Majestic 15 inch 12V HD LCD TV with built in Hi-Def. Digital Tu


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Majestic has just launched an impressive range of TV’s that now incorporate HD quality. Our new 15.6″ Widescreen ultra depth colour panel produces a quality of picture that definitely needs to be seen to be appreciated. With technology moving forward at such a rapid pace, Majestic is making sure we give the customer exactly what they want. Our exceptional LCD quality converts the HD signal the outstanding images you would expect from an international company. The high gloss piano black finish ensures that when you incorporate this TV into your Boat or RV, it is sure to make a statement that Majestic represents quality With all the inputs you could ever wish for, our specifically engineered power supply to ensure stable, long term, reliable operation when operating on 12 volts and our 3 Year Global Warranty combined with the international experience Majestic has in this market; it is easy to see why we believe this is the Only TV for you When it comes to the best technology, Majestic is leading the way.