Kingston Anchor Bow Mount Roller – Stainless Steel – Universal up to 60lbs


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The BR-22 is a versatile roller that works well with Kingston Quickset, Delta, Bruce and Lightweight anchors up to 60 pounds.  When used with a windlass, the twin rollers hold the anchors secure, while the forward tabs rest against the flukes of a Lightweight anchor.

Uses Delrin Roller Wheels; a strong superior dense polymer material that resists UV, opposed to traditionally manufactured inferior plastic extrusions currently on the market.

Electro Polished stainless steel anchor roller has a satin-like finish with great shine and like the high buff will not corrode and requires no maintenance.

Made from 100% USA Stainless Steel

Salt Water tested to 500 hours with no signs of corrosion or rust

Part:                      BR-22

Details:                 A versatile roller. Suitable for Quickset, Delta, Bruce and Lightweight anchors up to 60 pounds

Anchor Match:    Variety of Anchors Styles to 60 lbs.  Best fit with Danforth or QuickSet.

Finishes:               Electro Polished (Standard) or High Buff Mirror

Options:               BR-22L:   4” longer than the BR-22

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Warranty:             A lifetime warranty against any bending or breakage resulting from normal use, throughout the term of the warranty for the original purchaser of the product.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 8 × 8 cm

Electro Polish, High Buff


Standard, Long