Kingston Anchor Bow Mount Roller – Quickset/Delta – Stainless Steel – 60lbs


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The Delta-23 is a heavy duty anchor roller designed for Quickset and Delta anchors up to 60 pounds.  The top of each side has a flange for extra strength, with the forward end flared to reduce chafing.  A heavy bail also controls the rode.  The Roller wheel is adjustable to four positions to suit different anchor styles.  The roller hangs low on the bow to keep the anchor out of sight lines.

Uses Delrin Roller Wheels; a strong superior dense polymer material that resists UV, opposed to traditionally manufactured inferior plastic extrusions currently on the market.

Electro Polished stainless steel anchor roller has a satin-like finish with great shine and like the high buff will not corrode and requires no maintenance.

Made from 100% USA Stainless Steel

Salt Water tested to 500 hours with no signs of corrosion or rust

Part:                      Delta-23

Details:                 A heavy duty roller. Suitable for Quickset and Delta anchors up to 60 pounds.

Anchor Match:    Designed for QuickSet and Delta Style to 60 lbs.  Adjustable wheel for different anchor styles.

Finishes:               Electro Polished (Standard) or High Buff Mirror

Options:              Delta-23L:  2-3/4” longer than the Delta-23

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Warranty:             A lifetime warranty against any bending or breakage resulting from normal use, throughout the term of the warranty for the original purchaser of the product.


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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 37 × 8 × 8 cm

Electro Polish, High Buff