Green Line G611A-063 TYPE A1 FUEL FEED HOSE 5/8″


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G611A Type A1-15 Fuel Line is specially formulated and constructed to meet the strict requirements set out by SAE J1527 Type A1-15 Marine hose and is required for fuel feed lines where the fuel is constantly sitting in the hose in an enclosed engine compartment. Our G611A also meets European specifications for small craft fire resistant fuel hose under reference ISO 7840/1994 Marine Fuel.


 HOSE I.D.  5/8″
 HOSE O.D.  1.00″
 HOSE TYPE  Type A1 Fuel Feed
 WEIGHT  0.30 lb/ft


 TUBE  Smooth, black, oil and gasoline resistant nitrile rubber with bonded thermoplastic barrier layer.
 REINFORCEMENT  Spiraled synthetic yarn.
 COVER  Smooth, oil, heat, and weather resistant rubber. Meets USCG Type A1 requirements for flame resistance and permeability.
 TEMPERATURE RANGE  -20°C (-4°F) to 95°C (203°F).


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