Grease Monkey GMW0030C Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes 30 Canister


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You ask for it and we deliver! Grease Monkey Wipes are now available in a 30 count pop-top canister. All the great cleaning power of our individually packaged wipes, now in a convenient canister format. Grease Monkey Wipes are multi-purpose cleaning wipes that use an all natural, citrus formula for heavy duty cleaning. Each wipe easily removes grease, grime, oil, paint, marker and other stubborn messes from skin and other surfaces without using harsh chemicals. The Grease Monkey Wipes canister is perfect to keep in the garage, workshop, cleaning closet, or anywhere that someone needs to perform heavy duty cleaning. If you like the canister, try our individually packaged Grease Monkey Wipes. The portable nature of the individually packaged Grease Monkey Wipes make them ideal to stick in toolboxes, saddle bags, emergency repair kits, glove compartments, backpacks, purses, desk drawers, tackle boxes, or even a pocket.

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