Garmin GSD 26 CHIRP Professional Sounder Module


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Discover Spread Spectrum Clarity

For serious deep-sea sportfishing, the GSD 26 takes high-definition targeting to a whole new level. With a compatible transducer, the GSD 26’s Spread Spectrum technology scans on multiple frequencies at one time, returning vast amounts of data to the receiver. As a result, you can expect precise, shallow-water-like target separation at much greater depths – up to 10,000 ft (3,000 m).

A traditional fixed frequency mode allows you to manually adjust frequencies from 25 kHz to 210 kHz for enhanced targeting of specific fish species. You can also adjust transmit power from 300 W to 3 kW (depending on transducer) for even more control over your sonar returns.

Get Two Sonars in One

The GSD 26’s dual-transceiver design allows for simultaneous and independent transducer operation. You have complete control over the data you see on your compatible Garmin chartplotter, which easily connects to the GSD 26 over the Garmin Marine Network.

The GSD 26 digital sonar ushers in the next evolution of sports fishing technology, providing unrivaled target separation at far greater depths than traditional sonar.

Case materialFully gasketed, aluminum and steel housing with plastic access panel
Physical dimensions10.8″×14.7″×3.9″ (274 mm × 373 mm × 100 mm)
Weight11.37 lbs (5.16 kg)
Water ratingIPX7
Garmin Marine Network™ ports1
Temperature rangeFrom 5°F to 158°F (from -15°C to 70°C)


Sonar Features & Specifications
Frequencies supported25-210 kHz (dependent on transducer)
Transmit power25-3,000 W rms
Maximum depth10,000 ft (3,048 m)
Traditional CHIRP capable


Power input10-35 V
Power usage100 W maximum
Fuse10 A
  • Material: Fully gasketed, aluminum and steel housing with plastic access panel
  • Unit dimensions, LxWxH: 10.8″×14.7″×3.9″ (274 mm × 373 mm × 100 mm)
  • Weight: 11.37 lbs (5.16 kg)
  • Waterproof: yes (IPX7)
  • Temperature range: From 5°F to 158°F (from -15°C to 70°C)
  • Power Input: 10-35 V
  • Power Usage: 100 W maximum
  • Fuse: 10 A
  • Compass safe distance: 23.6 in. (60 cm)
  • Sounder power: 25-3,000 W rms¹
  • Frequency: 25-210 kHz (dependent on transducer)
  • Depth: 10,000 ft (3,048 m)²
  • Data output: Garmin Marine Network

¹dependent on transducer rating and depth

²maximum depth, dependent on transducer, water salinity, bottom type and other water conditions