Endurance EPPR600 1.3 HP Pot Puller 12V


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High Speed System for retrieving multiple Crab, Shrimp and Prawn Traps.
Lifting capacity of 150 lbs.
Line speed of 110 fpm under load
1.3 HP Motor

Separate Foot Control Switch for Safety
Mounts to Scotty Downrigger OR TO ENDURANCE SLICK BRACKET, a hard mount system and quick release bracket.
Comes complete with 100 Amp detachable wiring harness.

1.3 Horsepower/ 12V

  • 68Kgs (150 Lbs.) capacity
  • Retrieves at 33.5m (110ft.) per minute
  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum Framework
  • Foot operated switch system provides safety, ease of use, and allows both hands free to bail line