CANNON Optimum Electric Downrigger with 3.5″ LCD Display

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The Cannon Optimum Electric Downrigger provides the intelligence needed to put the bait where the fish are. Precisely troll any lure while presenting depth and trolling data on a full-color 3.5″ LCD display. Optimum wirelessly networks up to four downriggers which can be controlled simultaneously through the Cannon mobile app or a compatible Humminbird fish finder. Compatibility with Fish Hawk X4D Electronics allows you to monitor the depth, temperature and speed at your weight. 



  • Wireless Integration – Fully integrates with Fish Hawk Electronics, the Cannon mobile app and up to four Optimum downriggers wirelessly. The wireless network allows for features like Auto Up all, with one push of a button to instantly retrieve all your weights at once or one at a time. 
  • Full-Color LCD Screen – 3.5″ LCD screen with customizable views, sonar data, user preferences and day and night mode settings. 
  • Precision Controls – Stores up to 5 Preset Depths and remembers the depth of last catch. Cycle the weight up and down at preset intervals with Depth Cycle, or use Bottom Tracking to automatically keep your bait at preset distance from the bottom. 
  • One-Boat Network – Complete wireless Integration with select Humminbird fish finders for full control and critical trolling data. 
  • Waterline Zero – Protect your boat from swinging weights. Your downrigger will automatically keep your weight at a set distance below the waterline. 
  • Positive Ion Control (PIC) – Your boat’s electronics create a fish-repelling negative energy field in the water. Positive Ion Control neutralizes the negative energy field so fish will stick closer to your line. 
  • Speed Adjustments – Five (5) adjustable retrieve and deploy speeds with up to 250 feet-per-minute weight retrieval rate. 
  • Stainless Steel Telescopic Boom – Extends from 24″ to 53″. 
  • Composite Spool – Comes pre-spooled with 400′ of 150 lb of stainless steel cable. 
  • Dual Axis Rod Holder – Includes two (2) rear mount rod holders. 
  • Removable Side Plate – Easily access the spool to switch lines, fix snags and make adjustments. 
  • Includes – Universal Mounting Base, Low-Profile Swivel Base, line terminator, two (2) Uni-line releases, and manual crank handle. 



Model  Optimum 
Product Code  1902335 
UPC  0029402046881 
Operation (Type)  Electric 
Boom Length  24”- 53” Telescopic 
Boom Material  Stainless Steel 
Spool Material  Composite 
Line on Spool  400’/150 lb Stainless Steel Cable 
Retrieval Speed  250’ Per Minute 
Mounting Base  Low-Profile Swivel Base