Bugzooka Bug Catcher


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Bugzooka Bug Catcher

One of the most innovative home products ever. BugZooka is the weapon of choice for the kinder, gentler way to win the War on Bugs. It’s the fast, simple, clean and fun way to manage your bug problem. BugZooka is must have for restaurants, business, offices and clinics. Great for bug collecting, gardening, and building maintenance. Kids love it!

BugZooka requires no electricity and no expensive batteries that must be replaced or continually recharged. Simply compress the bellow and the BugZooka is ready for action.

Its exclusive bellow design creates over ten times the instant suction of complex battery operated vacuum units. Noisy vacuum units scare bugs away.

We use only the highest quality plastics and materials in the BugZooka. It is a crafted engineering marvel that will last a lifetime.

Includes a wall hanging bracket and both clear and smoke catch tubes.

Now even kids, elders and the squeamish can easily and safely catch and release bugs back outside. BugZooka is a welcome tool in homes, businesses, hospitals and other facilities for insect management. Removable catch tube allows for safe, simple and humane disposal or observation.

No more paper towel insect squeezing and no more wiping up bug guts. Say goodbye to violent fly swatters forever.

You’ll actually look forward to catching bugs around the house, because BugZooka is as fun as it is effective. Kids will be more helpful than ever and actually volunteer. Use it to catch and study bugs.

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