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Cariboo and Northern BC Fishing Mapbook!

This area is well known around the world to be home to some of the best trout, steelhead and salmon rivers, as well as an abundance of lakes.

The Cariboo, or Region 5, is notorious for its excellent lake fishing, even during the hot summer months. The prolific fly hatches, nutrient rich environment and clear, crisp water make this area a fantastic lake fishing destination. The Skeena Region, or Region 6, is an area dominated by rivers – expect to find your best success river fishing for steelhead and Chinook – these fish are large and plentiful. As you get further north and east, the Omineca and Peace regions (7A and 7B) offer some unique species for exclusive fishing opportunities.

With so many options in the Cariboo and Northern BC area, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a spot to drop a line. Luckily, our Cariboo and Northern BC Fishing Mapbook has an extensive list of fishing hotspots in the area, including road access, lake charts, river maps, local species and stocking information and more. Our Cariboo and Northern BC Fishing Mapbook is the perfect resource for finding the right fishing hole to spend an afternoon, or longer.


Cariboo & Northern BC Fishing Mapbook Features

Fish Species

This mapbook begins with a comprehensive guide to the sportfish of the Cariboo and Northern BC area. With detailed descriptions and photographs of arctic grayling, burbot, numerous types of trout, salmon and whitefish, we share how to identify northern BC’s various fish species, plus tips on how to catch them. Local fish species can also be found on each individual lake or river page. From the Cariboo (Region 5) to the Skeena (Region 6) to the Omineca (Region 7A) and Peace (Region 7B) regions, we have got you covered.

Lakes & Bathymetric Charts

This Mapbook includes 206 lake charts and river maps, including many that are new to this edition (Boot Lake, Dragon Lake, Vivian Lake and others). Along with bathymetric lake charts and river maps, we have included detailed directions to fishing hotspots with access points and facilities. Lodges and resorts have been added to the charts when present, and we have updated individual stocking charts.

Fishing Tips & Techniques

This Mapbook contains a handy guide to the different types of fishing techniques such as fly-fishing and spincasting, a guide to lures and other equipment and a breakdown of the different flies you may have to choose between before casting a line. Whether lake fishing or river fishing, this Mapbook will show you the right way to drop a line.


An easy-to-use index makes this Mapbook a leading BC fishing guide in terms of functionality as well as quality. You’ll find page numbers for each fishing lake and river, plus a list of important numbers for easy referencing. New to this edition, we have also included fishing regulations for both migratory salmon and freshwater fish for the Cariboo (Region 5), the Skeena (Region 6), the Omineca (Region 7A) and the Peace (Region 7B) regions

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