Andersen Rapid Hitch 4″ to 10″ Drop 2″ X 2-5/16″ Combo Ball


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The Rapid Hitch – This is the revolutionary aluminum adjustable ball mount that has taken the hitch world by storm. No ball mount is more versatile or easier to use than the Rapid Hitch. Its adjustability allows you to tow easily and safely by keeping your trailer parallel to the ground, maintaining a more stable towing experience.

The Rapid Hitch is made of an aluminum super alloy that will NEVER RUST! The aluminum looks great by itself, so there is no need for paint or chrome that can chip and peel. To keep the shine, you simply need to polish the hitch from time to time and you will have a high gloss surface that looks brand new.

Another benefit to this aluminum super alloy is that it is light and surprisingly strong. It only weighs 15 lbs. with the greaseless ball option making it easy to handle and adjust. It is V5 certified with a strength rating of 10,000 lbs. and 1,500 tongue weight with the 2″ steel ball. The Rapid Hitch is built for the long haul…the real world where ease of use and strength really count.

The Rapid Hitch has adjustment options from approximately 4″ of drop to the full 10″ drop. The standard 5 1/2″ drop/rise is designed to fit all factory standard pick-up trucks. However, we have discovered that in some instances the standard Rapid Hitch will drag on the ground in a dip, so we have added the SUV Rapid Hitch to help eliminate this situation. The shorter SUV Rapid Hitch works best with most light trucks.

  • Adjustable Trailer Ball Mounts with 10″ Rise and 10″ Drop
  • This 10″ drop design is recommended for use on lifted vehicles and has adjustment options that range from approximately 4″ of drop to the full 10″ drop.
  • Fits standard 2 inch receivers or 2-1/2 inch receivers
  • Tongue Weight: 1,500 lbs
  • Meets V5 and SAE J684 certifications.
  • Made in the USA

8,000 lbs GTWR (2” Ball)
10,000 lbs GTWR (2-5/16″ Ball)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 33 × 20 × 15 cm

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