AIRHEAD AHVI-F2 Rider Viper 2 rider Towable Tube


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AIRHEAD’s VIPER-series is a collection of the finest cockpit-style towables that your money can buy. The bottoms are shaped like boat hulls which is the key to the unparalleled lively and stable ride. VIPERs are especially popular with young children, as they feel very safe sitting on the comfortable inflated floors inside the cockpits. Kids and adults will enjoy the stunning NASCAR-inspired graphics.

The durable 30 gauge bladders are completely encased in durable double-stitched nylon, there is no exposed PVC. The striped nylon wrap handles have neoprene knuckle guards for comfort. An EVA “Indy Cap” covers the Boston valve.

AHVI-F2: 2 rider, 69 in. x 67 in

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