ACME 209 13.00″ x 12.50″ 4-Blade LH Propeller


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The ACME 209 13.00″ x 12.50″ Left Hand 4-Blade Inboard Propeller has more blade area, can give a better holeshot and more consistent speeds through turning and rougher water, with smooth performance compared to a 3 blade prop.

Computer Numerically Controlled milling machines provide an extremely accurate and consistent means for removing metal. This method of production, relative to hand-finished, translates into Acme Propeller perfection, and the elimination of one big variable in boat performance.

Diameter  13.00″ 
Pitch  12.50″ 
Cup  .080″ 
Hub Length  02.750″ 
Bore  1.00″ 
Blades  4 
Rotation  Left