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How to Choose Fishing Reels

Are you planning to have a fishing trip soon? In that case, you’ll have to gear up to have a much better experience for the whole trip. One of the best gears to start on is getting your fishing reels. These reels are connected to the fishing rod, allowing you to securely and easily fetch whatever you catch from your rod. However, not many people know much about fishing reels and how to find a suitable model for their specific needs. Therefore, here’s an essential guide on how to choose fishing reels.


Things to Consider

Not everyone has the same preference, and not everyone will be using the same fishing reel. There are tons of different models, making it hard for beginners or even experts to choose the right one for them. Here are some things you need to consider in selecting the right fishing reel for you.

Type of Fish

So you don’t need a different fishing gear for every type of fish, but you most likely would have to have a range of fish sizes and distinct weights to have a seamless experience throughout your fishing trip. For example, a 1000 sized fishing reel, considered one of the most petite sizes available in the market, shouldn’t be used to fish heavy marine species.

How much line fits on the reel

This pertains to the maximum length of a line in which your spool can hold without overloading the reel. Most fishing reel manufacturers nowadays document line capacities for monofilament and braided lines. The distance and size of the fish you’re planning to catch also impact the determining factor in how much line capacity you’ll need.

Quality of the Drag System

Drag Systems are crucial for fishing as these are responsible for moderating the weight capacity and how much force the line can cover before the spool slips out. Some of the drag systems for fishing reels are prone to water going inside, compromising their performance over time. It would be excellent to choose a fishing reel with a tightly sealed drag system to prevent this from happening.

Sturdy Handle System

Another common problem most fishers encounter in their fishing reels is an unstable handle system. A sturdy handle system allows you to have an overall smooth fishing experience and prevent you from having broken gear in the middle of a catch, spoiling the whole trip. 

Price of Your Fishing Reel

Last but not least, the price certainly plays a role in choosing the right fishing reel for you. If you’re casually having a fishing trip but aren’t planning to do it regularly, you won’t have to buy expensive reels out there, and you probably won’t appreciate the difference. However, if you’re all about that marine life and want to take things more seriously and have fun while doing it, you have got to try out premium fishing reels for the best experience. 


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