Scotty Downriggers

Every fisher knows how much more efficient it is when using a downrigger than without one. This electric motor accessory allows you to consistently bait and lure fish at varying depths, depending on your choice. It contains a rod holder where you’ll place your rod and let the downrigger do its thing.


Based on their functionality, Downriggers are often used to catch salmon and trout species as they are primarily in shallow spots, making them hard to reach without a downrigger.

Scotty has long been known for manufacturing some of the best lines of manual and electric downriggers for decades now. As the leading manufacturer of innovative fishing, there is no question why their products are highly preferred by professionals in the fishing industry.

Aside from innovation, Scotty is also highly regarded for its intricate attention to detail towards its products, ensuring they’ll bring only the best quality solutions for their loyal customers. As for boating needs, Scotty Downriggers are a powerful accessory that will enhance your efficiency and performance quite substantially.

How Do Scotty Downriggers Work?

Downriggers provide complete control of depth and the capability to adjust, recalibrate and retain exact depths with so much ease and convenience. First, you simply attach the trolling weight to your line and lower the weight at your preferred depth. Without any problem, the flash weight will keep your lure at your preferred depth in place. As the fish takes the bait, the line releases, and you may now start reeling.

Different Types of Downriggers

Depending on your intended application and how much power you have on your boat, there are two types of downriggers, Scotty Manual Downrigger and Scotty Electric Downriggers. While both primarily have the same functionality, they vary slightly in how it operates.

Scotty Manual Downriggers features a manual hand crack that lowers and raises your cable. It is compact, reliable, and easy to use as an introductory downrigger. You can also conveniently operate these with either hand from a sitting position, making it a handy accessory for anglers.

On the other hand, Scotty Electric Downriggers are often preferred for professional and advanced applications as they have a more powerful motor that effortlessly lifts loads of weight with just a push of a button. There are also some integrations and program features that let’s seamlessly troll without hassle.

Where to Buy Scotty Downriggers in Canada?

For those looking to upgrade their fishing gears and greatly enhance their efficiency, we’ve got great news for you! Poco Marine carries a wide selection of Scotty Downriggers Canada that is designed to make your lives much easier and elevate your whole fishing experience. Whether you’re looking for a Scotty Manual Downrigger or Scotty Electric Downriggers for sale online, we got it all covered.

Consistently catch fishes lurking at deeper spots and increase your significantly increase your accuracy with much less effort with the use of the Scotty Downriggers. So what are you waiting for? Come check out our selections online in Canada and get yourself a new Scotty Downrigger today!

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