Pelican Cargo Case

Pelican is a well-known brand with a strong reputation for creating top-quality cases and various outdoor accessories ideal for traveling professionals. The company is driven to provide highly protective cases suitable for a wide range of equipment, so you no longer have to worry about carrying fragile gears along your truck bed or attached to your car roof.


Over the years, Pelican products have been useful for diverse industries, such as professional photographers in carrying their electronic gears or even for military purposes. Pelican has developed coolers, travel bags, tactical flashlights, and even more sophisticated cargo cases with the urge to innovate constantly and improve its selection.

What are Pelican Cargo Cases

With the desire to provide the perfect solution for traveling professionals, Pelican has yet to deliver a whole new set of cargo cases that comes in 8 different configurations designed to fit on trucks, SUVs, roof racks, and other vehicles. Each model is explicitly made to protect and safely store any cargo, food, gear, or fragile equipment you may wish to carry around while traveling.

Staying true to what they’re known for, Pelican cases are extremely durable and weather-tested, making them capable of withstanding any wear and tear along the trip. These cases are the perfect solution if you always carry small or large equipment requiring protection. 

Furthermore, Pelican Cargo Cases are ready to mount cases, making them even more convenient as you can safely attach them to your car roofs without breaking a sweat. Pelican Cargo also includes many features that make them stand out among other cargo cases in the market.

Features of Pelican Cargo Cases

Still aren’t convinced? Here are some of the best pelican cargo case features as they take safety and protection to a new level. These features are built-in in their whole line of cargo case configurations.

Heavy-duty handles – pelican cargo cases are equipped with heavy-duty handles that let you comfortably grip your case and carry it around with ease, ideal for storing loads of equipment.

Tie-down plates – tie-down plates are purposefully integrated into the cargo cases for attacin vehicle mount kits or ratchet straps.

E-coated steel latches – these steel latches are corrosion resistant and very effortless to open at the top of your pelican cargo case for easy access.

Roto-molded construction – pelican’s cargo cases are built with a roto-molded structure enabling them to withstand wear and tear.

Weather resistant and dustproof – pelican cargo cases are highly capable of extreme outdoor conditions as they are also weather resistant and dustproof.

Pelican Cargo Cases for Sale

Are you considering buying some top-notch cargo cases for your next outdoor trip? Then you are exactly in the right place! 

You no longer have to go elsewhere as we’ve already provided various configurations to find the perfect cargo case for you. These cargo cases are the best adventure companions built to secure your gear.

You may now browse a whole line of Pelican Cargo Cases available to purchase only here at Poco Marine today!

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