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Interlux Micron CSC Ablative Antifouling Paint

 Interlux Micron CSC Ablative Antifouling Paint
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Price: CDN$76.45
Product ID: 424

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The innovative copper-copolymer formula of Micron CSC provides a controlled release of antifouling biocide at the paint surface, which means that the longevity of the coating is related to the amount of paint applied.

Micron CSC will not lose its effectiveness when hauled out of the water for extended periods of time (such as winter storage). All that is needed to reactivate the paint in the spring is to wash the surface using a stiff brush or lightly powerwash.

Application Details - Micron CSC*

Area Below Water
Finish/Sheen Matte
Number of Coats: 2-3 minimum
Method of application: Airless Spray / Brush / Conventional Spray / Roller
Pack sizes: 1 US Quart / 1 US Gallon
Suitable for high speed boats? YES

Antifouling Compatibility

Model: Micron CSC

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