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69Mustang MS185 Classic SuitCDN$359.95
70Mustang MP4212 Classic Bib PantCDN$189.99
72Mustang MD3153 02 Auto Hydrostatic Activation Inflatable PFDCDN$234.95
76Mustang MIV10 Inflatable Fishing VestCDN$179.95
77Mustang MC1505CM Sportsman CoatCDN$248.95
82Mustang MP4212CM Sportsman PantCDN$228.00
83Mustang MC1535 ThermoSystem Plus CoatCDN$369.95
84Mustang MS2195 Deluxe Anti-Exposure Coverall and WorksuitCDN$448.00
85Mustang MS195 Atlantic Class SuitCDN$399.95
87Mustang MV3119RP Two-Pocket Flotation VestCDN$77.00
88Mustang MV5601 SAR VestCDN$178.00
89Mustang MD8010 Adult Canadian Standard LifejacketCDN$74.95
91Mustang MV1255T1 Industrial Mesh VestCDN$109.95
92Mustang MV3107 Classic Industrial Flotation VestCDN$69.00
98AIRHEAD AHBL-1 Blast Towable TubeCDN$64.95
99AIRHEAD AHVI-F2 Rider Viper 2 rider Towable TubeCDN$243.95
101AIRHEAD AHVI-F1 Viper 1 Person TowableCDN$173.95
103AIRHEAD AHGF-1 G-Force TowableCDN$189.95
105AIRHEAD AHHS-1 Hot Shot Towable TubeCDN$89.99
106AIRHEAD AHSSL-1 Super Slice TowableCDN$169.95
108AIRHEAD SliceCDN$119.95
109AIRHEAD AHSSL-4 Mega Slice TowableCDN$259.95
111AIRHEAD BS-1 Big Shot 4 Rider TowableCDN$159.95
112AIRHEAD AHTB-1 Turbo Blast 2 Rider TowableCDN$159.95
113AIRHEAD AHSL-12 Slide TowableCDN$79.95
114AIRHEAD Double DogCDN$128.00
115AIRHEAD Hot Dog 3 Rider TowableCDN$179.95
116AIRHEAD Jumbo DogCDN$269.95
117AIRHEAD Matrix V-2CDN$199.95
118AIRHEAD Matrix V-3CDN$259.95
119AIRHEAD Sting RayCDN$168.00
120AIRHEAD 2 Rider Sting RayCDN$238.00
121AIRHEAD 3 Rider Sting RayCDN$298.00
122AIRHEAD Rip IICDN$139.95
123AIRHEAD Slash IICDN$159.95
126AIRHEAD Bimini Lounger IICDN$59.95
127AIRHEAD Aqua OasisCDN$32.95
128AIRHEAD 1 Person Performance Travel KayakCDN$279.95
129AIRHEAD 2 Person Performance Travel KayakCDN$398.00
131AIRHEAD 2 Person Recreational Travel KayakCDN$139.95
132AIRHEAD Multi ValveCDN$7.95
133AIRHEAD Air DaddyCDN$7.00
134AIRHEAD Double Action PumpCDN$19.95
135AIRHEAD Hi Volume Foot PumpCDN$13.45
136AIRHEAD Hi Pressure Air Pump 120VCDN$39.95
137AIRHEAD Air PumpCDN$29.95
138AIRHEAD 12V Air PumpCDN$23.65
139AIRHEAD Rechargeable 12V Air PumpCDN$24.95
140AIRHEAD 12V High Pressure PumpCDN$69.95
142Sika Sikaflex 291 Fast Cure Adhesive/Sealant 10.5 ozCDN$9.95
143Sika 291 LOT Marine Adhesive/Sealant 10.5 oz CartridgeCDN$9.95
144Sika 292i High Strength Adhesive Sealant 300ml CartridgeCDN$21.25
145Sika 295 UV Resistant Adhesive/Sealant 10.5 oz CartridgeCDN$16.95
146Dickinson Sea-B-Q Large Propane BarbequeCDN$269.95
147Dickinson Sea-B-Q Small Propane BarbequeCDN$249.95
148Dickinson Sea-B-Q RoundCDN$239.95
150Dickinson Spitfire 180 GrillCDN$298.00
158Helly Hansen Sierra ParkaCDN$319.95
164Canadian Hydrographics ChartsCall for Price!
165Standard Horizon CP300i GPS ChartplotterCDN$849.95
168AIRHEAD Vinyl Repair KitCDN$4.85
169AIRHEAD Quick-ConnectCDN$9.95
170AIRHEAD Tube AnchorCDN$25.00
171AIRHEAD Two Rider Tube Tow RopeCDN$12.95
172AIRHEAD Two Rider Two Section Tow RopeCDN$15.95
173AIRHEAD 3 Rider 2 Section Tube RopeCDN$22.00
174AIRHEAD 4 Rider 2 Section Tube RopeCDN$24.00
175AIRHEAD 4 Rider 4150 lb. Tube Tow RopeCDN$21.95
176AIRHEAD 1 Rider Tube Tow RopeCDN$9.95
177AIRHEAD Bungee Tube Tow RopeCDN$49.95
178AIRHEAD 2 Rider Tow RopeCDN$14.99
179AIRHEAD Super Strength Tube RopeCDN$35.00
180AIRHEAD Aqua ZookaCDN$8.95
181Scotty 1026 Pedestal Swivel MountCDN$79.95
183Scotty 243 Rail Mount 1-1/4"CDN$10.25
184Scotty 1106 Depthmaster Electric DownriggerCDN$479.95
185Scotty 1099 Compact Depthpower 24" Electric DownriggerCDN$379.95
189Scotty 1116 Propack 30-60" Electric Downriggers w/ Swivel Base and Dual Rod HoldersCDN$579.95
191Scotty 1080 Strongarm 24" Manual DownriggerCDN$227.95

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 Bradley 4-Rack Digital Food Smoker
Bradley 4-Rack Digital Food Smoker